1. Chicken Breast
in beer batter served with garlic bread
2. Baked Camembert (V)
served with fresh salad and cranberry sauce
3. Spicy herrings
served with mushroom, pickle, pepper and onion
4. Herrings in sour cream
served with boiled egg and bread

5. Greek salad (V)
Ice lettuce, olives, feta cheese, cucumber and red onion

6. Halloumi Fries (V)
served with fresh salad, spicy gherkins and chillies
7. Plate of Appetizers (V)
Mozzarella sticks, onion rings and breaded mushrooms served with garlic sauce
8. Potato Pancakes (V)
with sour cream and sugar
9. Potato Pancakes
with cheese, ham and garlic sauce
10. Potato Pancakes
served with sour cream, chive and smoked salmon
11. Homemade lard with meat
served with bread and pickle



12. Traditional chicken soup £3.50
13. Cream of tomato soup (V) £3.50
14. White borscht with boiled egg and sausage £4.00
15. Traditional tomato soup served with pasta £3.50
16. Soup of the day Ask member of staff


Main Courses

17. Pierogi Ruskie (V)
Dumplings stuffed with white cheese, potatoes and onions
18. Meaty Pierogi
Dumplings stuffed with chicken minced meat
19. Cabbage rolls
stuffed with minced meat and rice served with potatoes
20. Chicken schnitzel
Breaded chicken breast served with fries and side salad
21. Chicken Breast Baked
with onion and mushrooms with cheese on the top served with potatoes and side salad
22. Breaded Chicken Breast
In cheesy sauce, served with jacket potatoes and fresh vegetables
23. Penne pasta with chicken and broccoli
baked in creamy sauce
24. Traditional Pork schnitzel
served with potatoes and side salad.
25. Pork Schnitzel Baked
with onion and mushrooms with cheese on the top served with potatoes and side salad
26. Tender Pork Cutlet
Coated with breadcrumbs, bacon and fried egg on top, served with choice of potatoes or fries
27. Breaded pork shoulders
served with potatoes and side salad
28. Large Hash-Brown
served with pork goulash and vegetables
29. Beef rolls
served with potato dumplings and side salad
30. Chicken kebab
in a crusty bread, Regular or large
£5.50 / £10.00
31. Chicken kebab on the plate
with grilled vegetables
32. Baked salmon
In creamy sauce served with baked potatoes and fresh salad
33. Sea food Platter
(King prawns, squids, prawns, sprats, mussles, salmon) served with fries and fresh salad
34. Polenta (V)
with grilled vegetables
35. Gniocchi with basil pesto (V)
36. Spaghetti Maltese (V)
pasta in tomato sauce served with capers, olives, sundried tomatoes, garlic and onions, served with garlic bread.


Kids Menu

37. Traditional chicken soup £1.75
38. White borscht
with boiled egg and sausage
39. Tomato soup
40. Chicken schnitzel
served with fries and side salad
41. Pork schnitzel
served with potatoes and side salad
42. Fish fingers
served with fries
43. Pierogi Ruskie (V)
Dumplings stuffed with cheese, potatoes and onion
44. Meaty Pierogi
dumplings stuffed with meat
45. Cabbage roll
served with potatoes



Fries £2.00
Sweet Potato Fries
Onion Rings
Side salad
Fresh Salad £2.00
Baked potatoes / Puree £1.50



Ice Cream Sundae
3 scoops of ice cream, with fruits and whipped cream
1 Scoop of Ice Cream £1.00
New York cheesecake £2.75
Cake of the day ask member of staff
Sugar & Lemon Crêpes
Sweet Crêpe with sugar, and freshly squeezed lemon juice
Maple Syrup Crêpes
Freshly made Crêpe drizzled with maple syrup, ice cream and fresh whipped cream
Banana & Nutella Crêpes
Freshly made Crêpe served with Nutella, sliced banana, ice cream, and whipped cream
Strawberries & Cream Crêpes
Sweet Crêpe filled with fresh strawberries, and whipped Cream, served with ice cream
Crêpes with Jam £3.65


Delicious Cakes for every occasion

We offer delicious traditional cakes for every occasions. All our cakes are made in our restaurant, using only high quality natural ingredients.